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Custom Engine Builds 

     We offer a few different stages of builds from long blocks and short blocks to stock builds to fully built N/A, Turbo, Supercharged, and even Nitrous.

Our builds can either be customer supplied blocks, and heads. Or aftermarket block, heads from Dart, or Ford Racing can

also use factory blocks if offered by Ford, Gm, Dodge, Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, Honda. We also offer full builds for 4cyl,

6cyl, 8cyl, rotary, and diesel engine builds for Ford Powerstroke, GM Duramax, and Dodge Cummins. With our engine

builds they have standard manufactures we use for rods, piston, crank, bearings, valvetrain, cams, injectors, plugs. However the

customer also has the option to choose from a list of other parts that we sell to suit the customers needs or wants.

*Deposits will be required prior to start of service, and deposits will vary depending on stage of build or engine.

Build Stages

STAGE 1                

Consist of factory block,  stock or aftermarket pistons, rods, head and main studs, stock cylinder heads, light boost levels, stock bore sizes, stock or aftermarket bearings, stock or aftermarket gaskets. For Rotary engines factory rotor and side plates, engine studs, factory or stock rotors, stock porting, street porting, 2mm apex seals.

STAGE 2                

Consist of factory or aftermarket block, aftermarket pistons, rods, valvetain, mild bore, light cam upgrade, aftermarket valvetrain, medium boost levels, small shot of nitrous, aftermarket heads, light head porting,  head and main studs, aftermarket bearings, aftermarket gaskets, aftermarket intake manifold, fuel system upgrade, balanced rotating assembly. For Rotary engines factory or aftermarket rotor housings and side plates, engine studs standard size or upgraded, aftermarket rotors, street port, bridge port, 2mm apex seals, 3mm apex seals.

STAGE 3              

Consist of factory or aftermarket block,  aftermarket crank, pistons, rods, cams, heads, ported heads, bored, high boost level, big shot of nitrous, valvetrain, bigger valves, aftermarket bearings, head and main studs, aftermarket gaskets, aftermarket intake manifold, upgraded fuel system, balanced rotating assembly, side clearance. For Rotary engines aftermarket rotor and side plates, bridge port, peripheral port, bigger engine studs, 2mm apex seals, 3mm apex seals.